Tips to Find Great Markdowns at Kroger

There is not some super key place to search for markdowns or any super particular evening or time to visit the store (a few stores do indicate down specific things at certain times, but it varies from store-to-store). It simply requires a while, getting to understand that the store, and being aware of what to search for.Must give Krogerfeedback after shopping

1. Start Looking for the Yellow Tags

This goes without saying, however, I will say it anyhow: Educate your eyes to obtain the yellowish Woohoo decals. In case you have children, bring them to the store and produce a treasure hunt from it. It may be so much fun!

The further you get accustomed to searching for them, the easier they are to spot! Nearly every time that I visit the story visit them in surprising places because I have heard to scan the aisles and shelves and fridge instances for them.

Now, I discovered a cart amid an aisle using markdowns inside. Last week, there is a dining table with markdowns close to the front part of the store. You simply never know where they may pop up during the store, so keep your eyes peeled!

That said, there’s an organized”method” I utilize for searching for markdowns in the store…

Markdowns at Kroger

2. Search the Outside of this Store

While I enter Kroger, I seldom return to the aisles (unless I am searching for a particular bargain ). Rather, I store them outside of the store.

I begin by going via the create section taking a look at the salad bathtubs and luggage for markdown decals. then I go to the low shelves. They Ought to look similar to this:

These are normally found near or beneath the aisle in which the peanuts are. These shelves normally possess red bags on these and every bag has a range of produce. Each tote is 0.99.

You never know exactly what you will discover here. As shown previously, this afternoon there were fairly slim pickings. Sometimes it’s fruit, sometimes it’s vegetables. Or it could be onions and potatoes. Or, sometimes it is a small bit of a hodgepodge.

At the moment, there is a good deal of apples and peppers and oranges in my Kroger stores. But sometimes, I will locate grapefruit or salmon or bananas or pops or mangoes… it is always a surprise everything you’ll find here! Sometimes, there’s even organic fruit!

Every once in a while you hit the jackpot… like this particular cart FULL of discounted produce I discovered past week!

3. Consult Your Produce/Meat Managers

Lots of individuals have asked me when there’s a specific time of day or even a particular day of the week which you ought to store. I find it only really fluctuates and, at least in our stores, there is no 1 set day which is far better than a different day.

But you could request your meat supervisor or make manager at the regional store if there are particular times or times if they tend to indicate things down. It is also possible to inquire exactly what their policies are about marking down things — like how near the market by date can they indicate down milk, etc..

Sometimes, if you understand this advice and also have a connection with all the produce manager, then you can enter the store and simply search for milk which has a sell-by date that’s 3-4 days outside (or whatever period that they informed you) then go ask them when they’ll mark it down to you. I have never done this, however, I’ve friends who’ve.

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